Sick wish full band

Sick Wish • from Boise, Idaho USA

In the vein of Joy Division...Sick Wish is a New(er) Wave band of Boise ID musicians Brett Nelson, Jonah Nelson, Craig Macomb & Edward Dunn.

Current Members: 
Brett NeLson: Bass,Synth,Vox 
Jonah NeLson: Drums 
Craig Macomb: Guitar,Vox 
Edward Dunn:Synth,Vox 
Past Members: 
Marty Chase Martin:Guitar,Vox 
Cory Hentrup:Synth,Vox

 The band has a NEW(ER) Record in the make for 2018.



Sick Wish/Toy Zoo • Split 7" Vinyl • LTD 99 • Released April 2017 

Riddlevoid • Released February 2017 • CD • Also available on Bandcamp & iTunes.

 Animals • (Demo) • Released August 2015 • Digital available on Bandcamp.

Sick Wish/Toy Zoo 7" Split

Sick Wish/Toy Zoo 7" Split

Riddlevoid • CD

Riddlevoid • CD

Sick Wish • 7th Song • OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO • Directed/Shot/Edited by James Reeves

Sick Wish • VOID • OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO • Directed/Shot/Edited by James Reeves

"Utilizing a driving dark rhythmic vibe (including a bass line straight out of 1980), a shining multitude of slicing guitars, and all the sonic shadows you could possibly ask for, “Animals” ranks as the surprise of 2015 so far, and it’s really rather difficult to see it being eclipsed in that regard." ~ Dave Cantrell • Stereo Embers