Ekko the strange


Release April 2022

Full Length Record // Digital & 12" Vinyl Release April 2020

 Ekko the Strange deep dreams, creatively designs, and seductively delineates a luxurious musical psycho-geography on new album Mystique. His second full-length, it unfurls like a crepuscular landscape promising unexpected joys and dark thrills, beds of electronic rhythms and alien keyboards layered to beckon nocturnal bliss and pleasure. 

The artist’s name is “a reflection upon the curiosities in life,” Ekko says. “I have thought about changing the name to simply Ekko, because I feel that I echo my life experience … and you could say this project is a reflection of the strange or curious moments.” 

Mystique’s elegant but assertive coldwave is created from the psychic impressions only travel brings, evoking the mystery and dispossession of his new home referenced by Bowie in his Berlin trilogy. 

Writing, performing, and self-producing Mystique, Ekko has crafted a full set of sinewy, seething, cinematic anthems amid wet sonic wilderness. He originates from the dusky high desert plains of Les Bois, ID, and currently usually stationed in “Warszawa,” Poland. The album is self-mixed it as well, with J. Todd Dunnigan in the USA, and mastered by Branden Funkhouser at Radiohouse. 



7" Transylvania Found Me/Noc Shift LTD 50 copies/Black & Clear Vinyl/Part 1 of 4 series

7" Utrata/Plexx Matka LTD 50 copies/Black & Clear Vinyl/Part 2 of 4 series

7" Cover the Body/Future Mirrors LTD 50 copies/Black & Clear Vinyl/Part 3 of 4 series

7" Soft Decay/Mutante LTD 50 copies/Black & Clear Vinyl/Part 4 of 4 series