Full Length Record // Digital & 12" Vinyl now available

Ekko the Strange began 2019 somewhere along the road to Warszawa, Poland. Ekko had been traveling to various parts of the world for the 4 years since his previous post-punk/alternative musical endeavor -Revolt Revolt wrapped up a 10 year stretch in the United States. Driven by discovery, E left the USA to find himself & his music beyond the limits & ideals of the past… 30 countries later, & some old analog synth gear, different sounds & influences emerged. Ekko now lives & records in the Praga District of Warsaw Poland. With a new full length release of Haunting Me, the listener gets a sense of raw material created in a personal intimate atmosphere. All songs were written and recorded in  Warszawa in Summer/fall of 2019. This music is best classified as cold wave, goth, post punk, darkwave. Available now on all streaming services internationally.



7" Transylvania Found Me/Noc Shift LTD 50 copies/Black & Clear Vinyl/Part 1 of 4 series

7" Utrata/Plexx Matka LTD 50 copies/Black & Clear Vinyl/Part 2 of 4 series

7" Cover the Body/Future Mirrors LTD 50 copies/Black & Clear Vinyl/Part 3 of 4 series