Photo Jason Sievers

Photo Jason Sievers

DAD/KNEES 7" • LTD 50 Black Vinyl •  March 09, 2019

DAD/KNEES 7" • LTD 50 Black Vinyl • March 09, 2019

The Hand was formed in 1998 with the intention of the line up being Pat “Brown” Schmaljohn on Bass and vocals, Scott Schmaljohn on guitar and vocals and a drummer that would put up with the Schmaljohn brothers. This plan was cut short with a substance addiction and later death of Pat Brown (RIP) in 1999. Scott and Pat were eager and excited to play together after a break from years of playing, recording and touring in Boise bands State of Confusion (1984-1988) and Treepeople (1988-1992).  

Following the tragedy, The Hand’s first line up included Scott Schmaljohn on guitar and vocals, Darin Dodd on drums and Chris Bock on bass.  

The Hand currently features Cody Roy (Demoni) on drums, James Johnson (Trigger Itch) on bass, and Scott Schmaljohn on guitar and vocals. Uniting in 2014, The Hand had a new vigor, urgency and energy. The Hand was asked to tour in February of 2016 on an 11 shows in 12 days west coast tour with Built to Spill. “We were well received on tour, and knew we had to get a new record out.”  

With this new momentum, chemistry and song writing, The Hand went into Andy A.’s ”Chop Shop” studio to record 9 new songs. The newest full length recording is titled “Find a Reason.” This full length CD is to be officially released February 23rd at the Record Exchange all ages show. The Hand will also have a two song vinyl 7” limited edition of 30 (signed and numbered) for sale at both shows. Online release to come soon.  

The Hand’s influences range from old blues, hard rock, pop, and punk. The Hand is a high energy power trio. 


The Hand has a new 7"• DAD/KNEES •  released March 09, 2019 • Limited to 50 copies! 

The Hand 7" • LTD Vinyl 30 • SOLD OUT

The Hand CD • Available from artist


The Hand • 7" Vinyl LTD 30 • Released February 2017

The Hand • CD "Find a Reason" • Released February 2017

"Birthed in the late ’90s and fronted by Scott Schmaljohn (Treepeople, Stuntman), The Hand returned with a retooled lineup a few years ago. The Boise power trio’s influences include “old blues, hard rock, pop and punk” ranging from “Black Sabbath to Black Flag.” Schmaljohn’s squealing guitar on the title track makes it clear why the group fit the bill for a West Coast tour with Built To Spill in 2016." - Michael Deeds • Idaho Statesman