Do you have music you would like cut to vinyl?

Are you a DJ interested in having copies of your own mixes? This is a great way to get your loops/break beats/samples or any of your mixes cut for live performances. Our turnaround time is usually 1-2 weeks! Working DJs can have their new music directly delivered from us (faster than anyone else is currently providing)

Are you interested in having a novelty album or personal piece of music cut to vinyl? Maybe your band has recorded a record and never had the chance to get it to vinyl? We can cut it for you here. We also create beautiful picture discs as well. If you have something unique in mind, we'd love to hear your ideas and are open to coming up a plan that best suits you/your project. 

We provide quality  MASTER CUT vinyl records cut in real time. Every Record is a unique cut from the tracks provided by you.  

We realize this is a unique service and people will have questions.. so please go to our FAQ page here to find the answers.. you can also ask questions in the order/kontact form, and you can place your order there as well.

How it works:

1- You communicate your order through our order/contact page. Let us know what vinyl you would like cut based on the prices and information listed below.

2- Hifi Mantra will reply promptly and communicate prices and shipping. We will arrange payment at this time as well.

3- You send us your wav file via email, or send us a high quality audio CD to an address we will provide.

4- We cut your record and send it (and audio CD) to the address you have provided us.

Here are some of the prices:

7" Record - Play time is 5:30 per side and up to a total play time of 11 minutes                                           {$20}

(5 record minimum at this time)

10" Record - Play time is 15:00 minutes per side & up to 30 minutes. Average of 2-3 tracks per side.       {$40}

12" Record - Average play time is 16-17:00 minutes per side & up to 35 minutes. Average of 9 tracks per side.         {$45}

7" Picture Disc - Play time is 5:30 per side and up to a total play time of 11 minutes. The cost difference may depend on the art supplies/set up.                                {$30-$40} 

12" Picture Disc - Play time is 16-17:00 minutes per side & up to 35 minutes. Average of 9 tracks per side. Cost difference depends on the art supplies/set up.           {$75-$100}

Please note: We go through a series of tests to get the best final cut for you. We don't add set up fees to the prices you see above. All set up is included in prices.

Also to be noted: Many of the records you buy that are from a pressing plant have been sonically mastered for vinyl. That being said, you can choose to master the tracks for vinyl before delivering files to us, or you can have us try to reduce some of the trebles with what you have.  The difference in sound will sometimes be the high frequencies and some unwanted DB. Some people equate this to a slight hissing in the overall mix.  The mastering process can be expensive, and some people are fine with their tracks cut as they are. If you choose to have them mastered before we cut them, and need some references, please let us know. Feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Materials 12″ : 2mm black or clear vinyl.
Materials 10″ : 2mm black or clear vinyl.
Materials  7″ : 7mm center hole. 2mm clear vinyl, 38mm center hole or 7mm center hole.

We can ship almost anywhere, and will give you a quote based upon the size of the order.

All payments will be sent through PayPal unless arranged otherwise.




HiFi Mantra is also a DIY Label that puts out limited runs of vinyl records for bands around the world. While we can't sign on everyone, we try to listen to everything. So please feel free to send a link to the KONTACT page if your a musician. ALL GENRES WELCOME.